Women Make History By Winning More Places Than Men At Oxford University


More Women Than Men At Oxford University For The First Time, In 2017, a total number of 1,275 women received offers from the world famous Institution, compared with 1,165 men. Yes! The University of Oxford more undergraduate place to women than men first time in its more than, 1000 year history. The shift in undergraduate admission is the latest of several taken by Oxford in recent years. The first of the university male college admitted women in 1974.

However, it was not until the 1920s that women could become the full member and were allowed to take the degree and not just attend lectures.


“While it’s too early to call this trend based on one year’s number, it is a welcome sign of progress for female applicants to Oxford, ” a spoken person in Oxford said.
But the university said that ” this is a welcome sign of progress for female applicants.”
This shows that how girl education graph is increasing rapidly. Lastly, we all know educated girls become educated women who employ their expanded knowledge and improved financial situation to provide for their children, thus counting the virtuous cycle.

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