In Love Beware – The Key – Part 4


The Key, Another day, the sun was brighter than I expected. It was about to 8 o’clock and I was still yawning with closed eyes. Curtains were already aside and sunlight directly fell on my face. I put on the blanket over me and when removed it, the sun hid behind the clouds as if don’t wanna disturb me. I looked at the clock, and it was exactly 8. I winked at it and wished myself ‘MORNING’.

Now, the weather started to change every moment. After every another instance, clouds seemed to change their color to darker and darker. Thunder sounds grew louder and louder. Lightning was everywhere. After two or three minutes, it started to rain. But after that all, it didn’t affect my daily routine.

I brushed my teeth, arranged the bed, washed the utensils within ten minutes. Every morning, I’ve to deal with a common problem that what to cook? First, I prepared a cup of coffee and then decided to cook ‘gobhi paratha’. Well, this is the most traditional breakfast of Indians. Two extra flavors are added to it- the first flavor of love and second of care. A perfect Indian housewife knows it very well, as like my mum.

And…. it took only twenty minutes to be cooked. Yeah, it wasn’t that much perfect but was good.

And then, after a bath of half an hour, I wrapped myself in a towel and started to sing. I am actually a type of girl, who can sing thousands of songs, in front of mirror, dancing, and hopping, you can say bathroom singer. But can’t utter a single line of the same song in front of others. That’s why I always feel that loneliness is my best partner, as there is no one to comment or compliment. Just sing, sing and sing on. Sing whatever you want, using your own lyrics. Within two minutes, I shrugged myself into top and shorts. Comfortable…. isn’t it?? Actually, it is. Till now, it was raining. A thunderstorm seemed to welcome the drops. The scene outside was similar to Vampire’s world. And then a current passed through my spine. I guess I was overthinking.


Then, I went to my study table to have some good reads. And wisely, the first thing, I noticed there was the ‘key’. That golden antique key of that insane boy. What the shitt!!…. this reminded me all, what happened yesterday. The face of that guy. His burning eyes, his chilled touch…. everything, just everything. And so, again I was totally blank. Now, I just wanted to read him, his face, his eyes and…. no no, I didn’t wanna know him at all. I was actually indecisive.

Then, I really wanted to distract myself. Whatever was going on, in my mind, wasn’t right, but wasn’t wrong at all. It wasn’t right, in the sense, whatever, he did, was just a mistake, so I shouldn’t think this much deeper. And, it wasn’t wrong, in the sense, as any girl can think like that about a guy who suddenly does like this.

I was actually, mentally, torturing myself. My head started to ache. I distracted myself by pinching and it hurt me more than I expected.

I placed the key, inside the drawer and locked it. Just after then, I memorized that, I’ve to return it back. ‘Okay then…. I will do it now, no matter, what’s the condition outside or how merciless the weather is.’ With this thought, I arranged my hand-purse, smartphone, ATM, credit and myself into the raincoat.


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