The difference between falling in love and actually loving someone.


Love- All of us grow up with the different perception of what this experience really is. We choose up bits and pieces from all those dreamy movies, those sappy songs, and all the age-old love story to form a belief of what this ‘love’ might demand. Some of us believe it to be a basis of limitless happiness and joy for us. Some of us just long for the obsession and enthusiasm that love is bound to bring. And some of us just want to understand a complete fairytale, just similar to the one in the movies.

No matter what our outlook and theories about love may be, we all share one thinking in common at first: That love is only about us, about finding our own happiness, about building our own life improved. And we tend to pay no attention to the fact that for love to be truly beautiful, it NEEDS to be self-sacrificing. We need to consider more about what we can provide rather than about what we can get from it. Only after that do we enter the opportunity of finding our own fairytale, of making our life evermore happy, and of actually finding ‘the one’.

The journey from this initial egotism to be true and unselfish love is reflected in the differences b/w  ‘falling in love’ and actually ‘loving someone’. Read forward to find out whether your perceptions regarding love are at the first stages or have evolved towards somewhat more mature and meaningful:

Falling in love


You meet up with somebody. You like them, You go on a few dates together. You get to be familiar with them better. And with every gathering, you begin to like them even more. You come across your thoughts about the day and night. They have even managed to make appearances in your dreams. The opinion of their stunning smile, the way they tell you their story with so much excitement in their eyes, the way they taunt you and laugh it off mischievously, the way they build your heart pound quicker every occasion they move an inch nearer, all of it has consumed your mind.

The thrill of seeing them once more, of touching them, or sense their skin next to yours is something you’re incapable of holding. They are all you wish for to utter about and all you want to experience. And you end up wondering that possibly and ultimately, you have met your one true soul mate.

All these feelings and emotions, they’re presently too dreamlike and too awe-inspiring. You feel like this new individual in your life is the response to all your prayers. They’re the whole thing you ever wanted, all you ever looked for and much more. You have to to be with them. You need to see their smirk every day. You need to listen to their voice. You need to touch them. You need to hold them closer.


And in between all these unmanageable desires and needs, you fail to remember this one crucial truth: falling in love with someone is exactly changing the chemicals in your brain! CHEMICAL LOCHA !!  In these initial stages of your obsession, your hormones are out of control, your pupils expand every time they’re in front of you, and you even experience a little woozy from the thrill of seeing them once more.

So what happens when the chemical in your mind, at last, come to relax, while the initial thrill and romance begin to reduce, and when you ultimately let yourself come back to the reality of life? You understand that this new individual isn’t precisely an angel sent from above, like you thinking in the start.

They’ve come with their own set of flaw, fault, and imperfection. And you’re left wonder whether this individual really is the one for you or if your body chemistry has played a scam on you however again. Now we’re not asking you to ignore all the feelings and the limitless thrill and passion that you feel in the begin.

Let it come into your life, experience the joy fill your heart, and take pleasure in falling in love! But be ready for what’s next. Be ready for your feelings to transform. And be prepared to face a hard time all along with the excellent ones.

Loving Someone


Even as falling in love might not be in your command but loving someone is completely your personal pick. Once you fall in love with a person, it’s up to you to make a choice for the next step. You have to make a choice whether you wish to start a trustworthy bond with this person.

And you want to make a decision whether you’re ready to love all their flaw as much as you love all the good stuff about them. This is where selflessness comes in. This is where you find out to put an important individual else’s needs and wishes above yours. This is where you decide to understand and love someone for all their flaw and not despite them. This is where you start to a sense of ways to load an important person else’s life with love rather than thoughts up on ways to fill the void on your own.Caring about someone doesn’t of necessity imply that all your old belief of obsession thrill and crazy love are just going to die down everlastingly. It just implies that your love for this individual becomes more practical. You won’t feel the need to ‘own’ this individual eternally, they require to make a permanent mark, the need to encourage them to be yours forever. You won’t feel these desires because you’re convinced and secure about the love that you’re giving them. You’ve developed a faith and belief in yourself as well as your partner.

Even if a little bit of envy is natural in a relationship but obsession and jealous behavior are not a sign of true love. Sure, you may be a little obsessive about your partner at the extremely begin but once you truly learn to love them, you won’t feel this requirement. You’ll give each other the liberty to grow, to be free, to live your own lives and to expand into the astonishing individuals that you were always intended to become.


When you truly begin to love someone, you become more conscious of the potential struggle and issues that your relationship can encounter. You get ready yourself for them. And you work towards resolving them as one, rather than giving up and separation at the sign of the very first clash. You’re grateful for this astonishing love that you’ve inward and you’re determined to make it last a lifespan, no matter what the situation. This love is not a chemical romance or CHEMICAL LOCHA and it is not somewhat temporary. You don’t necessitate a constant thrill to remind you of its survival. You don’t need to look for another way to find true joy.


So This is the true love and real. It’s stunning. It’s inspirational. And it is self-sacrificing.

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