In Love Beware – The boy – Part 5


The Boy, Outside there, it was raining. I put on the umbrella over me, but
still some drops rested on my face. Grasses and leaves seemed more
happier than ever. Bird’s chirping expressed their excitement. Flowers
seemed more colorful, more glitter.

I went near auto stoppage where two schoolkids were enjoying the
weather. Their paper boats were more pretty than the real one. And
then an auto stopped there. There wasn’t any passenger, so I chose
corner seat for myself. Then, I put on the earplugs and searched for
the songs and got one. And so, I noticed that my face and hairs were
almost wet. And then, the auto stopped in front of the supermarket.

As I stepped inside, my heart skipped a little, and then again and
again. I guess I was more than afraid. And then, I felt that he was
also there. Maybe, I was again overthinking or maybe whatever I felt
was true. Then I searched for the girl, that girl who was at the
billing counter, cause she was the only one, at the time of
yesterday’s incident. Maybe the boy has come to her. Just maybe.
And, yeah, she was there. I asked her if she reminds anything. And she
replied in positive. She also informed that the boy is already here.
That means I was right.


She recalled the boy. I guess that this key was important to him.
When I turned to face him, he was very close to me, close enough. I
don’t know what happened to me, but at that instant, I placed my both
hands over my mouth, covered it tightly, so I can protect myself. But,
gosh…..his burning eyes was, again and again, hypnotizing me, and oh
my…… it was unbearable. I really don’t want to read him, not even
now. That’s why I closed my eyes. And…. he whispered something, in
my ears.
“Relax. I am not gonna do that again.”

And, so, slowly I opened my eyes. He was that much closer, so I could
feel his chilled touch, even I could go deeper in his eyes. And, again
he whispered something.
“Remove your hands from your lips.”

And, I did, without even arguing. I was a helpless girl who has
the only choice to respect his wordings. And suddenly thunderstorm
distracted me. Now I noticed that he was a bit closer. I back
stepped and placed the key in his hands. And then, my head started to
ache. And so I returned back

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