In Love Beware – Supermarket – Part 2


Supermarket, The surrounding, here, felt, familiar to me. Actually, there were so many children, playing with their mates, and this reminded me my childhood. Smooth, green grasses, touched my feets. Banana leaves kissed my cheeks and dew drops welcomed me. Birds seemed to sing ‘welcome song’ which was quite pleasurable. And, then, I followed my way to the auto stoppage. An auto stopped there.

“Kaha jana hai aapko, Mad’am?”

“Bhaiya, supermarket chaliyega?”

“Haan, thik hai.”


Way to the supermarket, again was very unbearable to me. There were two more passengers(aunty ji’s), who were much more interested in their neighbor’s matter. How can anyone judge, other people, accordingly by any other’s views? Shame on them. I was really not interested in their personal matter, so I put my ear plugs and searched for the songs. First, I searched for sad songs but, it wasn’t a good choice. So next, I decided to play the song according to my mood. That’s why I chose ‘Mere rashke kamar….jab nazar se milayi maza aa gya’. Quite romantic. And the auto stopped.


“Mad’am ji, aagya supermarket.”

Haan bhaiyya, kitne rupaye huye?”

“Tees rupaye (Rs 30-/).”

“Haan, ye lijiye.”

I entered the supermarket and searched for all the necessary

products, that should be enough for a week.

‘Potato. Done.

Onion. Done.

Milk. Done.

Eggs. Done.

Lemons. Done.

Noodles. Done.

Coriander. Done.

Apples. Done.

Meat. Done.

Vegetables. Done.’

All done. And, so, I headed towards the billing counter and paid the amount. The girl at the billing counter, handed over the products, in a polybag. And what I felt….. “OMG, it’s so heavy.” The girl at the billing counter smiled at me and so, I returned her a fake smile. And, then, I turned towards the exit…..a guy collapsed suddenly. WTF!!!! And, so, I shouted “What is this? Are you insane? Where is your mind? Can’t you see a person moving? Are you the only one, who is here??” In a breath, I exhausted. He was trying to console me. But, repeatedly, I kept on shouting without noticing his face. Both of us started collecting the things in the polybag. But, I refused to forgave him and kept on shouting. And, after an instant….his face was against mine. His cheeks dared to touch mine. And….I felt a soft, tender moisture on my lips. And, so, I was totally blank. What was going on?? The only thought revealed in my mind was “Is it a way to stop a girl’s wording?” I pushed him and raised my hand to slap his cheek. This was the first time, I saw his face. My inner goddess regretted “Oh my!! How can be anyone like this? So innocent. So decent. Am I gonna slap him?

No, no.”

And then, a tune floated in my ears.


“Okay, but was it a way, you stop every girl’s wording?”

“No, you are the first one.”

“Ooww really? Then, please don’t do this ever and again.”

“Sorry, but….”

“Don’t argue.”

“Okay, fine. Here are your bags.”

” Handover it to me. I will manage.”

“Okay, but don’t you think so, it’s heavy?”

“So what?”

“So….so, let me carry this.”

He seemed very decent to me. So I handed over the bags to him. But…. I can see that his eyes were burning. Two different shades in the same person. Is it possible?? And then, he placed the bags in the Auto, and I went back.

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