In Love Beware – Memories – Part 3


Memories, ‘Time doesn’t wait for anyone.’ A true quote which means a lot. Well, it was late 8:30 and hunger were running through my veins. Quickly, I unlocked the door, placed my hand purse in the cupboard and unpacked the polybag, stored the vegetables and other things in the fridge. Then, changed the clothes and turned on the TV. As I am not much more interested in serials and movies, I decided to play music.

In another moment, I shrugged myself into the apron and decided to cook pasta, cause I was very hungry at that time, and it was the only stuff, that seemed to be cooked, quickly. As I was going to throw the polybag in the dustbin, I found a ‘key’ in it. No doubt, it wasn’t mine. Then whose??……Aumm…..may be of that boy, the insane one. Okay, but it isn’t my fault, if he wants it back, he should be worried about this, why should I?? Well, this key was gold plated and seemed so antique. I decided to get it back, that key, to the supermarket, so he can find it easily, and then I placed it on the study table.


After 15min, pasta was ready, and then it took only 4-5min, to finish all. Then, I placed the plate and fork in the washbasin.

It was about to 10, I changed my clothes and shrugged myself into night suit which was much more comfortable to me. I went to bed but wasn’t feeling sleepy, so I took out my phone and checked for messages on WhatsApp. I replied to all and then messaged to mom that I am good and going to sleep.

After that, I switched off the phone and placed it on the pillow. Memories were running through my whole body, instead of blood and I was in tears. At this moment, I felt lonely. And before I could know, I slept on.

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