In Love Beware – Kidnapping – Part 11


In Love Beware Part 11 Kidnapping, When I opened my eyes, I was in the front seat of the car, and beside me, that devil was driving. Once I ordered him to stop the car, but he didn’t. When I tried to open the door, it was already locked. ‘Like seriously? I was kidnapped by that monster.’

I noticed that there was a bandage on my left wrist. Who did it? Maybe he…… Or maybe the doctor. Then, I searched for my backpack and got it in the back seat. There was everything in it, except my cell phone and pepper spray. No doubt for what already happened.

“Searching for something?” He asked cunningly.
“Return it.”
“I said give it back to me,” I shouted.
“Lower your voice. Seems like my ear is going to explode.”
“Are you returning it or not ?”

He remained silent for a moment….. And then laughed like crazy…….

“Now tell me…… Do I look like dumb fellow?” He replied looking deep into my eyes.

‘Why was he doing this? What did I do wrong?’ Quietly, I sat on the seat with my backpack within my folded arms.

After 15 min., he stopped the car and went outside. I tried to escape, but the door was locked. There wasn’t any sign of my cell phone. There was a white sheet. There was written…….. “Don’t even try to escape… And your cell phone is still with me.”

In Love Beware by Malashu Bharti

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