In Love Beware – Introduction – Part 8


And so, I stepped outside the principal office. And I was so excited to attain mine first class of college life. I felt a bit awkward in myself and so giggled out loud. I asked the peon, for my classroom, and he told me to follow him. And so I did. I sat on the first bench of the corner row.

And slowly more students started to join the class. But, yet, not a single girl sat with me. I guess they don’t like the first bench, as there was no sign of any student on the first bench of any row. And then, I distracted myself from all these and started to check out the syllabus of the new session. And then someone sat left to me. As I turned to face……….. I was in shock. He was there, sitting beside me. That means, from supermarket he was following……. Maybe. But at the time the only thought revealed in my mind was ‘Is he following me?? How cheap??’

“Heya” he wished. 
‘Acting like he doesn’t know me.’ I thought
“What the hell are you doing here?? Following me?” I asked in anger.
“Not at all. Why will I follow you?”
“Owwww really?? Then will you please tell that why the hell is you here??”
“For studying and that’s all.”

Ughhhhhhh!!!! Why all the shitt happens with me??
And the lecturer came in. He asked us to introduce ourselves and so everyone did. And then I came to knew that the name of the insane boy is ‘Arya Jaywardhan’. As he stood up to introduce himself, all the girls gazed at him, like he isn’t just a boy, he is a masterpiece.

‘WTF!! Couldn’t they behave themselves? Couldn’t they stop gazing at him.’ And then the voice of lecturer distracted me from all these.

Between the class, just twice or thrice, I checked him out, with the corner of my eyes, that if he is staring at me. But he wasn’t. So, I focused on the lecture.

After half an hour, lecture ended. And so I arranged my books.

“Why were you staring at me?” He asked
“Did I??”
“Of course dear. You did. 
“No, I didn’t,” I answered him back and without waiting for his reply went out of the class.

As I went outside, a girl came to me. She was the girl with black shiny hair and spects on her nose.
“Hy” she wished.
“Hello” I replied.
“Naira” She introduced herself.
“Eenayat” So I did.
The girl seemed so nice to me. And so, we both headed towards the cafeteria. 

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