In Love Beware – Cafeteria – Part 9


The area of the cafeteria was large enough. There were almost 100 students. I ordered a medium sized burger and coke for myself and Vinnie ordered fries for herself.

And then, I searched for the boy. No, not actually I was searching for him but actually, I noticed that he wasn’t there. And so, the waiter placed the stuff in front of us.

As I was going to take the first sip of the coke, he entered inside. And this was the second time when I noticed his red burning eyes. As he stepped inside, again all girls started to gaze at him but when I looked at Vinnie, she was engaged with fries. Finally, there’s one who’s not interested in him, like me. Literally, I can’t decide that whether I was interested or not? Apart from all these, when I looked at him he was continuously staring at me and moving toward us.

First I distracted myself, from him, and focused on my stuff. And then he came and stood beside me. I just noticed him once and then ignored. But he remained there. What the hell he wanted from me?

“What?” I asked in irritation.

“Shift aside.” He replied like a monster.

“No, I will not”

“Really? Wait, I guess you forget about the incident. Did you?”

Wait, what? The guy was blackmailing me. How dared he? Actually, he found a way to irritate me. When I looked at him, he was continuously smiling. I found the burger tasteless, and with all my anger, I stood up.

“Sit down or else I’ll…….” He ordered.

“Behave yourself” I muttered.

I was about to say when I noticed that Vinnie was staring at me. When I looked at her, she asked.

“Is anything wrong with you?”

“No, nothing like that,” I replied 

She was almost done. I ordered her to go and wait for me, inside the class. And so, she did. Yet, I wasn’t allowed to move. I was like a bird without wings. Before I could know, I was in tears. He offered me tissue paper, but not at all I needed it. I refused. So, he ordered to follow him, and I did.

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