Blindly In Love Part 10

Blindly In Love

Blindly In Love Part 10 , His text remained opened on my phone as I stared at the ceiling. I am sure at this moment, fate is looking at me and laughing at my helplessness. Was this all the Nivin I love? My so-called prince charming. Did he really care for me or was he planning something else? Did I still have feelings for Nivin? I couldn’t answer any of that.

Nivin and Diya. I was surprised at the fact that how even two people can affect your life so much.

I couldn’t remember when I slept off thinking about all this. I woke up suddenly hearing my phone’s ringtone. Due to the grogginess from my sleep, I couldn’t exactly see who was calling so I just picked up the call without seeing.

“Hey, Tanu! Where are you girl? Gotta we bring me back to life remember? Get me back on track?” Diya practically squealed with excitement. Listening to her no one could say she had undergone a break up right now.

“Wha…. What?” I replied idiotically. My brain was still in sleep mode.

“What What? We need to bring back the old Tanya and Diya. Don’t we? So, what are you doing today? Should I come home? Or do you want to go to the old ice cream parlor we used to sneak out to when we were kids?” Diya said enthusiastically.

Listening to her I felt as if it was me who had a breakup recently and she was trying to bring me back on track.

My brain suddenly woke up with a jolt. I realized I had to meet Nivin as well. I calmly told her.

“I have a better plan. Remember the coffee shop where you broke up with Nivin? Meet me there at 4:15 pm today.” I calmed told her.

I could sense her enthusiasm go down the moment she heard it on the phone.

“Um… I am not sure I can enter that coffee shop again.” Diya muttered, her voice pretty low.

“Well, you said what I wanted to do right? I want to go there and if you care about me meet me there.” I said in a polite but curt way.

“Ohkay….I will try my best” she replied and cut the call.

I got up to get ready. My mind had chalked out what all I had to do there. But experience told me that everything’s going to go exactly opposite to how I planned. Maybe that’s how life should be, consisting of little surprises and shocks just to keep life a bit more exciting. Otherwise, half the world would just give up their life because of boredom.

I finally got ready to leave. Usually, I go to every place with Diya. Today I chose to walk alone. I realized how alone I was at that time. I realized how I had let myself become obsessed with everything around me even though it could be solved with one single decision.

I reached the coffee shop sooner than I expected. And as I predicted Nivin was already there. I went towards him and we hugged. My heart started beating fast again reviving the Tanya that loved Nivin. We sat down and he ordered two coffees. I tried to decline but he insisted. He just kept looking at me till the coffees came. And I saw that my coffee had a question mark on it. I got confused and looked up.

Nivin was on his knees.

“We both know what happened in my past and let’s admit it was cruel what happened to me and Diya. Perhaps something died inside us but looking at you I can realize just how perfect you are for me. Maybe fate wanted both of us to realize we are meant to be together and this coffee shop would be the place where our love story started …I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t love you when I was with Diya……so Tanya Menon, will you be my girlfriend?” Nivin finally proposed me.

The only thing both me and Nivin didn’t realize at that time was Diya standing at the door listening to all this.

Blindly in love

Blindly In Love

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