Blindly In Love Part 8

Blindly In Love

Blindly In Love Part 8, We left the coffee shop without uttering a word to each other.  Maybe both of us were wondering what just happened.  I tried to recall exactly what happened in the coffee shop.

“I hate to break it to you this way but it’s Tanya. I like her now ”. Nivin had said bluntly and left the coffee shop.

Neither Diya nor I tried to stop Nivin. Both of us were shocked. No, the better word to describe the feeling would be flabbergasted. We had been hit by something hard, rather I had been hit by something hard.Diya had been hit by something brutal.

I just stared at the door as Nivin left the shop and slowly turned to look at Diya.

I couldn’t say anything to her at that moment. Diya looked like she was about to explode.This was not what I planned at all, well at least not for Diya. I didn’t expect him to leave Diya for me. (Although I had wished it to happen.)

Now on our way back home, I wondered what Diya might be thinking. I tried to guess what was going on in her head.

But I realized something at that point in time. I didn’t know Diya now. I couldn’t believe this…  It was like since Nivin came Diya and I had become strangers to each other.

We had become so obsessed with one guy that we completely forgot about each other. Thankfully she spoke up first.

“That was quite  shocking, wasn’t it babe?” Diya asked me.There was an evil smile on her face. I didn’t like it

“Umm okay? Are u fine Diya? ” I asked her.

“No, no, I am fine …….But can’t you see how amazing this is  ?.I mean, he broke my heart and now wants to be with you. You,….my best friend, my sister, he really thinks he can have you that easily. ”she replied with a slight grin on her face but I could clearly sense the pain of losing him.

“And now knowing Nivin …..I know he’s going to try and convince you to be his….but you won’t respond to his advances .” Diya was shaking now.

“And when he finally proposes you….bam….you will say no and break his heart.Oh, Tanu! I just wanna see the look on his face when you reject  him.” Diya started smiling in a way which reminded me of the way Voldemort smiled when he got his body back.

Now all the happiness that I had when Diya and Nivin broke up vanished the moment I heard this.

She wanted me to reject Nivin because Nivin rejected her. That sounds fair!

No, it doesn’t. Why would I reject Nivin? After all, I went through all the troubles just to have him. Why would I reject the opportunity?

Again the demon and the angel inside me started fighting. And this time I couldn’t stop them. Maybe I needed an answer from them which they both agree to.

Diya hugged me hard when we reached her home. She had tears streaming down her face. Maybe she did love Nivin more than me. With a slight smile on her face, she said ”Thank you for being there for an idiot like me. These past few months I thought I had found true love and ignored you completely, still, you stood by my side. I would never ever get a best friend like you ever again. Please don’t leave me.” And then hugging me one last time she left.

I walked back home silently and after reaching my house I  decided to study something to get my mind off. But with the angel and demon still fighting inside me, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was randomly looking through my cupboard and a book fell out. I picked up the book and looked at the cover.

It was my old diary which had all my memories with Diya until Nivin came.

I opened up the book and went back in time.

Blindly in love


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