Blindly In Love Part 7

Blindly In Love

Blindly In Love Part 7, I pulled Nitin towards the table just in case he ran away.
Yes, my plan was to make them confront each other. My plan could backfire if they realized they couldn’t live without each other. But I had to gain in on their hatred.
I had to make sure their breakup was perfect with no love remaining and by making  Diya and  Nitin meet each other I was pretty sure they would fight again.

Why did I do this? Cause I still loved Nitin.A part of me still yearned for him.I didn’t know when the part of me that cared for Diya died.

But this felt good.I felt like I am a queen waiting for his king to get back to her.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? “Diya shouted. I pulled her hand to calm her down but she had so much rage in her eyes that I had to back off.

“Tanya called me…..and it’s none of your business where I go,”Nitin replied but with less vigor.

Sweet !! This was going just as I planned.This was too perfect to be true. I had to look away to stop smiling. I continued sipping my coffee.

“You said you didn’t feel the same for me. Now how should I react you tell me.? ”Diya was dangerously close to Nivin now.But somehow Nivin was calm. That was kind of unsettling for me.

I suddenly had a weird feeling. Was I doing something wrong? The demon and the angel inside me woke up and started arguing about what’s right and what’s wrong again.

Demon: You are totally right Tanya.Trust me, babe, You deserve this. He is the love of your life. Don’t let him go away. Don’t you see how he’s not doing anything against Diya? That’s for you babe.

Angel: Tanya. Friendship and love may be  two different things but they are related to each other more than you can even imagine. You love Diya. Think from her perspective for a while and see what Nivin has done. Don’t you have a weird feeling about him? Moreover, don’t  you care about Diya?

Demon : Bullshit. Tanya, your angel has always been an over-thinker in our decisions. This really needs to stop. Consider this, Nivin is sad and crying on the inside.He has done what he really wants to and he needs a shoulder to cry on. That’s your hunch Tanu.Go on, grab your, true love, when you still have a chance.You both belong together.

I rose and made my decision. Ditching Nivin was not an option

Angel : Fine.The demon has been winning a lot these days Tanya but could you at least try not hurting Diya in the process? Just talk to her at least the way you guys did before even if you can’t stand by her when she needs you.

I sat back in my chair. Why was I even having these battles inside me?

“I just don’t love you anymore. I love someone else. ” Nivin whispered.

His one statement caught my attention all of a sudden.

“And what’s that supposed to mean? You suddenly realized you loved someone else? Oh isn’t that interesting Tanya? ”Diya asked me suddenly.

“What …..oh….umm  yeah…sure!” I blabbered.

“And may I know who is it? Mr. Nivin let me make this clear. I don’t care whom you like because I have learned to loathe you now. You are a dead person to me , you asshole. You don’t deserve love from anyone ” Diya spoke with her anger quite clear by her tone.

“I hate to break it to you this way ….but it’s Tanya. ”Nivin replied sadly.

Blindly in love

Blindly In Love

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