Blindly In Love Part 5

Blindly In Love

Blindly In Love Part 5, “…And that’s the method to find the solution.”.my Math teacher’s voice boomed through the class.However, I couldn’t understand anything.It had been a week since Nivin and Diya had made their relationship official.

Jealous wasn’t the exact feeling that engulfed completely me right now.I had lost a battle that I never really fought.I felt like a soldier who wasn’t given enough ammunition to fight and got shot.

Feeling sorry for myself was the last thing I wanted to do but this time I did.I seriously did.

Outside I was this happy person who felt really happy for her best friend Diya.I was the so-called “link “ between the outer world and them.I had substantially become the face of their relationship.People came to me to listen to them.

But on the inside, I had become this weak vulnerable girl who would cry every time she saw them together.She desperately wanted to be loved and be cared about but all she could do was cry. I think that’s the advantage of being an introvert,

there is no possibility of others knowing what they exactly feel and want which makes us introverts powerful enough to show only those emotions which we want others to see.

Coming back to reality, Diya had started doing another annoying thing.She has started using my name as an excuse to get out of the house and hang around with him.This pisses me off.Wasn’t this supposed to be my privilege? I was the one who wanted him, who dreamed about him.How dare she take my name and hang around with my love? What does she have that I don’t?

But then I realized the difference. Nivin likes HER, not me.

Maybe it’s like that.You can’t understand why a person has fallen for another person.Maybe that’s what love is.

When a person sees your imperfections and still finds you perfect ……that’s love.

When a person is so blindly in love with you that he can’t see anyone else ……that’s love.

Diya may not have anything better than me. But still, Nivin chose Diya.

I could have got better guys than Nivin. But still, I couldn’t move on from the fact that he chose someone else over me.

Two months later when I finally began to think that they are made for each other and nothing can separate them, a phone call from Diya proved me wrong.



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Blindly In Love

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