Blindly In Love Part 4

Blindly in Love

Blindly in Love Part 4“..and that’s why I love you and want to be your girlfriend. “I practiced my proposal for the 1000th time. I didn’t want to mess up. I had spent 2 hours to come up with such a proposal that depicted my feelings clearly. I really hoped it wasn’t cheesy but couldn’t really help it as love makes everyone do cheesy stuff. I blushed at my thought.

I never really was a competitive kind of girl, but when I came to know about Diya’s feelings for him, something woke up in me…some kind of a devil who wanted to be better than her. I wanted to dress better than her, look better than her, score better than her and do anything as long as he likes me over her.

The difference between Diya and me at this point in time was that I knew I had competition for being his love which made me feel like I had the upper hand. But how could I ignore the fact that she was an extrovert while I was an introvert? Extroverts are always preferred over introverts no matter what. They are more fun to be with and share stuff compared to the boring introvert people.

But I didn’t let this fact weaken me at all. I knew it was a battle and the moment I decided to confess my feelings for him my battle had started.

Finally, the day came when I had mustered up enough courage to pour my heart out to him. The introvert had finally decided to break her rules and speak her heart out.

I used extra shampoo and conditioner that day, took extra time to comb my hair and set it properly. I had never put on anything on my face before in my life, but now I had taken mom’s lipstick and had applied it on my face. I had chosen my best clothes to wear that evening. I had even put on some powder at the last moment.

I looked at myself in my mirror. I looked stunning. It was a pleasant change to the boring old me.

I practiced my proposal for one more time before entering the drawing class. The whole class turned to look at me.I could hear murmurs and whispers about me.I ignored them and went and sat beside Diya who looked awestruck. I smiled and punched her playfully to pull her out of her trance.

“What have you done to yourself? You finally look like a girl. “She teased me and then got all serious and said, “Umm hey there is something I want to tell you after class.”

“Yeah yeah …sure!”I replied without looking at her.I could see Nivin looking at us and I felt immensely happy.

The class ended, and I could feel everyone’s eyes on me including Nivin.I enjoyed the attention.This was really new to me.I felt confident and powerful.But then I remembered about the proposal and got nervous again.

“Hey, Tanu …..I know you are going to kill me for not –”Diya started talking to me, but my eyes were fixated on Nivin, and I saw that he was about to leave the class.

“Babe ..can this wait ……I really have to go.”I cut off Diya in the middle of her sentence and ran towards the door.I had to catch up to him.I had to tell him what I felt about him. I had to start our love life today itself.I got out of the door,  my eyes searching frantically for him.

Where is he?How did he disappear so suddenly? I thought to myself, and then I heard my name being called out by a familiar voice.I turned back and saw that Nivin had called me.I got excited, and went towards him, but as I got closer, I saw Diya standing next to him.

“We have got a confession to make, ”said Nivin and to my horror held Diya’s hand in his. Diya started blushing at his gesture.I could feel needles being poked at my heart.

“I tried to tell you before Tanu, but you weren’t ready to listen ”Diya said. Nothing came out of my mouth. The needles went further inside.

“Nivin and I are in a relationship. ”Diya said, and this time it was Nivin’s turn to blush.



 Blindly in love

Blindly In Love

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