Blindly In Love Part 2


Blindly In Love Part 2, NIVIN ….NIVIN ……NIVIN!! The name kept ringing in my ears. Just his name created huge heavy elephant sized butterflies in my stomach. I ran home and told my parents everything about my class, everything except Nivin. I couldn’t tell my parents about him. I didn’t want them to take him away from me.

Yeah, he was mine now even though he doesn’t know.

Nivin had begun a new chapter in my life. Days passed by and whatever I did remind me of Nivin. He had become the reason for me going early to the class and coming late from it. We sat together at every class and started mingling up really well. Diya, him and I had become a gang. Though somehow Diya didn’t know I had a thing going on for him. I planned to tell her real soon.

I started dressing up differently. I used to finish my drawing late just so that I I could get to see him a little while longer.All the romantic novels I had been reading for all these years had finally started coming true for me. I had someone whom I wanted to be mine.

We three had really become a thing of the class cause everyone looked at us with envy. They were jealous of our friendship. But I couldn’t care less. All I could think of was how to make Nevin mine forever. I started pondering over how to change myself just to make him fall in love with me.

My parents started noticing that something was different about me now. They could see that I was obsessed with something but couldn’t really tell what.

One day when I came back from class, Mom asked ”Everything okay? You don’t talk to us much now. Is there something you want to tell us about?”

My heart stopped. I came up with the best possible reply to her so that she never asks me again “Yeah mom, everything’s fine,…just all these studies are taking a toll on me. ”This reply was so effective on mom that she smiled, hugged me and said, “All this hard work will pay off  Tanu…now tell me what you want to eat, whatever you want I will make it for you ”. I had hot steaming biriyani that day with excellent raita.

I finally planned the day to tell everything to Diya. This was it. I called up Diya and asked her to come early to the class that day. I had finally prepared myself to tell Diya about the love of my life. Even bigger butterflies seemed to be flying in my stomach now.

I reached the drawing class early as planned but Diya hadn’t come. I cursed her for not coming early as she had ruined my plan.

She finally arrived and sat beside me and whispered to me “I am sorry I am late but I have to tell you something.”

I was amazed by the fact that I was about to say the exact same dialogue she said right now.

I asked, “What is it?”I got tensed. She never really whispers unless it’s really important.

“Promise you won’t laugh.. ”she said raising my curiosity to a different level.

“Say it now!!!”I  pinched her as usual.

“I am in love with NIVIN. ”She whispered blatantly.

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