Variety of Passions in 2018 winter Olympics


The 2018 winter Olympics, officially known as the XXIII Olympics winter games is an ongoing international multi-sport event held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The motto of this Olympic is “Passion.Connected”. There were total 92 nations are participating. The game feature 102 events. The lead up to these games was affected by the ongoing tensions between South Korea and North Korea, and also the missile crisis involving the country. These lead to security concerns. But after several meetings between north and south Korea, they marched together under one flag at this Olympics. It was rare but not unprecedented spectacle. The two countries first displayed the flag at the 1991 world Table Tennis championship. But after several controversies, the game begins. The opening ceremony was held at the Pyeongchang Olympics Stadium on 9 February. On 8 February 2018, the day before the opening of the games, Noriaki Kasai of Japan participated in the Ski Jumping qualification. In doing so he became the first athlete in history to participate in eight different winters Olympics.

2018 WINTER OLYMPICS varity of passion


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